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If the app held favorites or a portfolio it would be perfect. It has a very clean and useful interface that will slowly grow on you.

It works!

Does what it should. Works fast. Haven’t had a problem yet... I’m fairly new to crypto (1 year) and it’s easy to use.

Ad pop up?

How come ad keeps popping up? Is there a paid version?

Too many ads.

App has way too many ads. Ad after each calculation, not work keeping on my phone.

One of the best crypto apps period

So far this is the best crypto currency converter I’ve come across the interface is great easy to use they have almost if not every coin that is available listed The customer service is excellent I had an issue with the refresh screen not allowing me to use the app so I reached out to the developers and they fixed the issue faster than expected my only suggestion to the developers is to keep doing what you’re doing I enjoy using the app and if you’re reading this review thinking about downloading it you will too

Load time

Def not a quick calculator. Takes a minute ever time you open it to update all crypto prices. Need to be tweaked to only update maybe btc and couple other big ones then as you select a alt coin to calculate it then goes and checks it's price. Not delay everyone when I all I need to check if btc.

Almost great

Need to be able to paste in the bitcoin amount I copied from elsewhere.

Cancerous Advertisements

The ads are ruining everything about this app.

Everyone in crypto needs this

I was thinking of creating an app like this and you have to scroll down a lot on the App Store to find it, but when I was looking, I found true gold!!!! Get this app. It will make our lives so much easier, and I didn’t have to do a thing! Thank you so much❤️


If your actually trading, and you need to know the price of a coin to make sure you sell it before it goes down, your hit! Because an ad pops up in the middle of your conversation making it impossible to strike. What genius thought this was a good idea? Other than that, it’s cool. You know, other than that, how was the ride in the park Ms. Kennedy?

It’s ok

App could be easily 5 stars. If only for 2 things. The annoying .00 decimal bug (which has been stated in other reviews, so I won’t get into it). The other are The pop ups ads. So frequent, and I get that it’s a free app, but In the 30 sec I need to watch any annoying add, I can easily just go online to any other free web based calculator. At the very least can we get a pro version that removes ads? Update: changed my review to 4 stars. Nice to see the dev is listening. Decimal bug is fixed, and I love how you can now search from your crypto, instead of scroll thru and endless list. Still would love a pro version with no ads (there are now less annoying) . Willing to pay, just need that option!

Too many ads or notifications

I wanted to input .5 ETH and it would default to .05 instead. Frequently gives me notifications that it is on my iphone. What for. So, to get less advertising, i am going to erase it from my iphone.

Ads too intrusive

No against ads but popping them up right in the middle of using the app with no warning was irritating enough to delete it off my phone. Otherwise, nice UI.

Love the app, B U T ......

Excessive ads. Give users option to pay a few dollars and totally eliminate senseless ads. This review will be modified if my request to remove ads is honored. Thank you!

The Best

Love this app .. fast efficient way of giving me $ value for my Bitcoin!👍

Can’t load fiat currency

I don’t know why

Great App But....

The Values are never in line with the current prices ????

Decimal point

Good app although the ads are pretty annoying when it pops up as you’re trying very hard to remember that nbr to type up. It has an issue when I input a decimal point first it automatically assumes 0.0 and can rarely input 0.1 or 0.3 it just fills in 0.01 when I’m trying to get 0.1

I would pay for no ads

I would give it 5 stars if you could get rid of ads

Soooo convenient Love it!

I use this all day long

Good app if it weren’t so buggy

I really like this app, but it has a couple huge flaws. Flaw 1: far too often, about 1/3 the times the app is used, it glitches out and either refuses to do any math or refuses to register I am tapping on my phone screen. Flaw 2: it does not accept 0.1 as a valid input. As soon as I type “.” It automatically adds a “0” for “.01” Example: as of the moment I type this, BTC is to USD is valued at .01 BTC = 195 USD, and 1.0 BTC = 19,500 USD. If you know anything about math, you should realize I’m missing a number here: 0.1 BTC = 1,950 USD. While the app will allow me to enter 1.1 as a valid input, 0.1 simply is not allowed. It always adds an extra zero for 0.01. It may not seem like a huge deal, but if something that simple is off, how can I trust the rest of its computing capability?


Perfection!!! Amazing app that was absolutely necessary. Thank you!

Too many pop ups

Great app, but too many pop ups ad every 3 minutes.

Interesting real time data on crypto currencies

A real time crypto currency watcher. It lets you know what the value of any number of currencies are worth. Now if they only had a way to purchase it be next level perfect. Thanks, J

Extremely useful

As someone who trades Cryptos daily this is an invaluable tool. I use this every day. Highly recommended!

Very useful!

Finally I can sound intelligent during a conversation about cryptocurrency. Bye to the days of puzzled looks from my friends when I ask about conversion rates.

Brilliant app!

Love it! It works super smoothly, and is highly convenient.

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